Order Grapes & Juices

Create a winemaking tradition in your family by making your own vino di casa this year. Nothing is more satisfying than working with family and friends to make your own wine, sampling the vino nuovo (new wine) and proudly serving it at your table the rest of the year. You can now take advantage of California wine grapes and juice in the fall and Chilean wine grape juice in the spring.

Don’t have equipment to crush or press grapes?…no problem! You can order refrigerated buckets of freshly pressed grape juice shipped from California and Chile ready for you to ferment. This juice is not a sterile pasteurized product. It’s the juice of freshly pressed grapes, refrigerated to retard fermentation and shipped to Tampa.

Renew a tradition practiced by your ancestors or start one in your family. Make 5 gallons or a barrel, it’s up to you. Grape and juice varieties include:



Pinot Noir

Petite Sirah

Cabernet Sauvignon







and others


Beginning August 2021, Vince Pardo and his son Enzo will be accepting orders for California and Italian wine grapes and juice through September 17th.

Vince’s family has been ordering quality grapes and fresh wine grape juice for Florida winemakers for over 70 years.

Orders will arrive in Tampa and be distributed at our Florida distribution locations beginning in October.

To get on our mailing list or for more information contact Vince at 813-340-3052 or



October 2-10: Tampa

October 4 – 9: Satellite Distribution Locations (specific dates to be announced):

Ft. Myers, Cocoa Beach, West Palm Beach, Homestead, Jacksonville & Leesburg.

Note: There is a $4.00 per unit satellite delivery fee, with a $25.00 minimum.